The tests are carried out in collaboration with the diagnostic laboratory MEDICARE Plus.

How are the tests carried out?

1. Choose a PACKAGE:

Holistic basic
Holistic medium
Holistic superior

2. Take your TEST.

3. Within 5 days, you will RECEIVE YOUR TEST RESULTS via e-mail. 

4. Come to the follow-up PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION.

Test guidelines:

During the week before your test you should consume a wide spectrum of foods, even foods that you think have a negative effect on you. Do not consume heavy meals 2 hours before the test. Drink at least 2 glasses of water.

Capillary blood sampling may take place at any point during the day.
We recommend that you inform your personal physician or therapist about the test.

Important: under no circumstances should you consume foods that you know can cause anaphylactic shock.


What is intolerance?

Intolerance is hypersensitivity to certain foods. The food that we ingest is a fuel. It provides our organisms with the energy necessary to function. If we do not make sure that the fuel we consume is appropriate for our bodies, it can have a considerable negative impact on our lives. Consuming food that our organism is ill-suited to digest puts a great strain on our immune system, and a strained immune system is much less effective at protecting us from allergies, bacteria, candides, molds and viruses.

The problems that arise as a result of hypersensitivity (intolerance) to a specific type of food can usually be remedied simply by adapting your diet.

Intolerance also has an impact on the increase of body weight. Incorrectly selected and combined foods can create a gastrointestinal blockage, preventing proper digestion, which affects the accumulation of extra pounds, which, in spite of physical activity, we just can't shake off.

Determining intolerance by ourselves can be extremely difficult, since its effects do not occur directly after the intake of food, as in the case of allergic reactions.


Consuming foods that are not optimal for our organism can cause:

- allergies (skin and respiratory apparatus)
- candide and other fungal infections
- digestion problems (flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids,..)
- arthritis
- chronic fatigue
- nausea,...