The tests are carried out in collaboration with the diagnostic laboratory MEDICARE Plus.

The testing detects the following hormones from your saliva: estradiol and testosterone.

1. General information about male hormones
Andropause (male menopause) happens as a result of a drop in the levels of testosterone. The symptoms come in a variety of forms and can affect you emotionally, psychologically and behaviourally. In most cases, men experience a gradual decrease in energy and endurance, loss of muscular mass and concentration, increased body fat, loss of libido and erectile disfunction. 

Testosterone is a key hormone for sexual desire and normal muscle mass. Men experience a sharp decrease in testosterone levels after they turn 50. High levels of estradiol can cause the formation of fatty tissue in men and women.


2. When should you have your male hormones tested?

A hormonal analysis (progesterone and estradiol) is recommended for all men before and during andropause.


3. How is the test carried out? The male hormone test is based on a saliva sample.

4. Symptoms that point to irregular functioning of the male hormones:

- irritability, nervousness, anxiety
- joint and muscle pain
- fatigue and lack of energy
- decreased muscle strength
- lower libido
- less frequent sexual relations
- less morning erections
- trouble sleeping,..

5. Hormone test guidelines:

In the case of hormonal cream use, it is recommended that at least 36 hours pass between your last use and the sampling. To determine the values precisely, three samples are taken within a 2 hour time span.

6. What does the test entail? It tests the hormones estradiol and testosterone.