The tests are carried out in collaboration with the diagnostic laboratory MEDICARE Plus.

The testing detects the following hormones from your saliva: estradiol, testosterone and progesterone.


1. General information about female hormones
In every woman's body, the key elements for ensuring hormonal balance are testosterone, estrogen (estradiol= and progesterone.

- Testosterone is a key hormone for sexual desire and normal muscle mass. In men, testosterone levels fall significantly after 50, while in women, excess testosterone is more commonly the source of problems, as it can lead to polycystic ovaries.

- Estradiol is an estrogen, and is the most plentiful hormone in the body. Estradiol prevents breast cancer, but high levels of it can cause the formation of fatty tissue in men and women. 

- Progesterone is the most important hormone for pregnancy and regular menstrual cycles, while in men, it is important for general well-being. Low levels of progesterone are felt much more acutely than high levels of it, which are not particularly problematic and rather uncommon.

2. When should you have your female hormones tested?

A hormonal analysis (progesterone, estradiol and testosterone) is recommended for all fertile women and women right before or during menopause. Timely detection of hormonal imbalance can have a positive imapct on the reproductive system and alleviate the symptoms at the onset of menopause.


3. How is the test carried out? The female hormone test is based on a saliva sample.

4. Symptoms that point to irregular functioning of the female hormones:

- infertility
- heat waves
- excessive body weight
- trouble sleeping
- low libido
- mood swings
- burnout syndrome
- digestion problems,..

5. Hormone test guidelines:

In the case of hormonal cream use, it is recommended that at least 36 hours pass between your last use and the sampling. To determine the values precisely, three samples are taken within a 2 hour time span. The first sample can be taken at any time during the day. Women with a regular monthly cycle sample during the luteral phase of the cycle (20th-23rd day of the monthly cycle, assuming a 28 day cycle). The 1st day is day 1 of the cycle (when bleeding begins). Women with an irregular cycles or no cycle can sample at any time. 

6. What does the test entail?

It tests the hormones estradiol, testosterone and progesterone.