Surely everyone occasionally feels bad or uneasy because of the beauty standards dictated by modern life.

To prevent you from wasting time with inefficient methods for getting rid of body fat, we have prepared a comprehensive (holistic) program and personalized weight loss approach.

The multifaceted and comprehensive "Perfect Figure" program includes the following methods or steps;

1. At first, with the aid of the Medicare Plus team, we carry out all of the necessary tests regarding your intolerances, your hormonal functions and other parameters that affect body weight.

2. A licensed therapist creates an individualized dietary plan and a personalized therapy plan based on the data gained in step 1. During the process of weight loss, accomplished nutritionist Nina Ambrič will offer counseling on the subjects of dieting and the effects that diets can have on your health.

3. After the counseling is complete, you will begin a therapy protocol that will be carried out under the guidance of a licensed bioresonance therapist with the appropriate medical education.

4. The active part of the treatment includes:

         - hydrotherapy

         - planned sauna sessions with therapeutic guidance

         - burning excess fat via the tens and infra therapies (ie. a capsule, similar to the hydrotherapy one, finely              tuned specifically for the purpose of burning fat)

         - indispensable individual exercise under the guidance of our qualified kinesiologist


The “Perfect Figure” program sees a number of specifically trained professionals take care of your needs by adoperating tried and tested traditional methods enhanced with modern science and technology.

As part of the individual exercise, we also offer the possibility to rent carbon-fibre frame bikes, which will strengthen your body and soothe your soul as you ride through the magical landscapes of the Karst.

For those of you that are seeking a somewhat more relaxed workout, or simply wish to experience the magic of the Karst, we offer guided tours on the trails of the Karst, which will astonish you with their colors and magic in every season and recharge you with the energy that only nature can provide.