Relax your body and mind - take some time off.

Let yourself be embraced by warmth, by peace and quiet that will revitalize your body and your soul in the most natural and elementary way possible. Visiting the sauna is particularly important if you are suffering from physical or mental stress in your workplace or in your private life.

Why is that?

The beneficial effects of the sauna enhance your well-being, since they promote the detoxication of your body, they strengthten your natural immunity and soothe tense muscles, as well as helping with all other issues related to stress ...

There are three saunas to choose from: herbal, finnish and full-spectrum.



Experience the power of herbs, which is gently released into the room with the steam, soothing your respiratory apparatus. Various essential oils, combined with a pleasant warmth gently relax your overloaded nervous system and stimulate the respiratory organs, helping you breathe more easily and more fully



Stimulate and sustain your vitality with the help of four elements: fire, heated stone, air and water - the classic elements of the Finnish sauna. The air temperature, which lingers somewhere around 95°C (the humidity never surpasses 15%), will cause profuse sweating through the skin pores and, ridding the body of the toxins that we accumulate due to our unhealthy lifestyles, fast food and air pollution. Visiting the Finnish sauna will do wonders for your body and mind. 


Let the invisible infra-red rays and the frequencies of the tourmalines pervade your body and strenghten your body both physically and mentally

Full-spectrum saunas are some of the most effective, since the infra-red and carbon heaters diffuse about 20% of the heat they generate into the air, while the other 80% transfers directly into your body. Compared to a traditional sauna, you will burn calories and expel toxins far more efficiently.