The water in our pool is NOT CHLORINATED,

but is based on electrolysis with salt and dezinfection with UV light.


Chlorine is a chemical that has a strong odor similar to bleach. It is usually a greenish-yellow gas, often compressed under pressure into a liquid form. It is used for various purposes, most commonly for disinfecting water and swimming pools, as it has the property of killing all bacteria and other living organisms.


This dangerous chemical can be very harmful to all living organisms in water or soil that are contaminated with chlorine. It has negative effects on the environment, as chlorine in gaseous form contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer. Of course, volcanic emissions of chlorine gas (or hydrochloric acid) found in nature are difficult to control, but chlorine artificially produced by humans can be controlled.


The side effects of chlorine on humans are different and depend on how much we are exposed to it. Exposure to smaller amounts is not expected to endanger the health of individuals, while higher doses can cause serious health problems and require hospitalization. Contact with a small amount (chlorine) of gas usually only irritates the skin or makes breathing difficult.


Excessively chlorinated water is easily genotoxic, meaning it damages human DNA, causes fetal damage, or damages a baby’s DNA! This happens more often in chlorinated pools than in drinking water. In addition, chlorine also causes asthma and various allergies, disorders and poor cardiovascular circulation. Nevertheless, chlorine is still widely used.