The Story

Dear guests,

How do you feel when you spend time with your friends at their place? Maybe happy, satisfied, calm and understood? We want to be a friendly place like this for you too. We had the idea to create a holistic place for open-minded people. Everybody, who stays here, should feel well, eat well, drink well, sleep well, move well and think well. That was and is our vision.

In year 2013 we bought an old farm house in Stanjel. Miran sold his good running art shop called “Art Ljubljana” to work on the project. Nina commuted between Stanjel and Ljubljana where she already had her healing centre called “Vita Nova” and in October 2014 Ana Pija was born.

After four years of renovating, we opened the Hotel St. Daniel including a gourmet restaurant in March 2017. A big challenge for us both as we are not from hotel or gastronomy business. Two months later we recognized, that we failed to place our health program rightly and concentrate on our USP: being a holistic place and a friends’ house.
So we straightly went back to us and our vision and now we are working on our strategy every day. That means, that we concentrate on our personalized health program “Vita Nova” which includes organic food and a calm place to stay and sleep in a natrual and amical environment.

We really feel well with what we offer you. And we do it from our heart. For sure, we haven’t realized all our ideas yet. But we will. Step by step. It is still a way to go where we will improve more and more with all the experience we earn from you, our clients and distributors.

Have a nice stay as our friends,
Nina & Miran