Our Story

Dear guests,

Welcome to our home.  


We are a sustainable, organic and holistic house in which you can sleep peacefully, recharge spiritually and move about in a magical environment whilst enjoying organicl and healthy food and drink.


Our primary vision is to create a holistic space, where people with an open spirt can gather. People who will grow with us and help us grow. We want you to feel welcome, accepted, satisfied, calm and safe.


What we do, we do from the heart. With all our heart. We have certainly not realized all of our ideas yet. But we will. Step by step. Our path will reveal what still needs to be improved and amended. We will of course gain the most experience together with you.


Thank you for walking with us on the path of nature.

The sustainable, organic and holistic path.


Miran, Nina, Ana Pija in Miura & Marcelino