How do we contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth in our house?


-          Recycling and composting.


-          Limiting light pollution.


-          Heating with environment friendly sources.


-          Use of sun energy in 2021.


-          Use of organic cleaning products and cosmetics.


-          Partnering up with small local organic suppliers within 0 km.


-          Using organic foods in the kitchen


-          Cautious handling of organic foods


-          Minimal food waste


-          Furniture made from recycled wood


-          Bedding, pillows and blankets are made from natural and antiallergenic fibres


-          Yearly control of CO2 emissions


-          Yearly organic control – food, drinks, cleaners, cosmetics – Biohotels and IKC Maribor


- Controlled water usage:

On Kras water is called Blue Gold. Every drop is precious. The water in your room has been filtered with activated charcoal and ionized with stones (tourmaline, jade and quartz) The molecules of 51 Hz of water are so small that they can easily penetrate the cell and optimally hydrate and detoxify it.